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Stick This in Your Pipe and…


This is a very interesting idea! So right now, with the current economic situation, funds might be tight and budgets may be in place that require a cut back in spending. You may be putting off that Tesla Roadster for awhile, but you still may be looking to reduce you car emissions and keeping spending at a minimum. All the talk in the car industry is redesigning the car, and thats right to a cetain extent. However, what if you could just alter parts of it to run more efficiently? How about an attachment to you tailpipe?Hmm……

This is a great, outside the box idea to reducing car emissions. It’s not the be all end all, but a great idea. The gadget can reduce vehicle air pollution up to 57 percent and greenhouse gases up to 34 percent while increasing fuel economy up to five miles per gallon in lab testing. Click here to learn more.

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